Saturday, November 17, 2012

neighborhood spots

didn't do writing here, hence no "write spot" (haha) but going out for a Thursday night dinner in San Francisco is all the more inspiring, especially not living in the city anymore. and where did i go after class? the always beautiful and inviting restaurant of The Green Chile Kitchen.

i've always seen this place from the 5 Muni and once i saw professors of the USF English department just shootin' the breeze here. it's not just great for its well-done Mexican cuisine (with undertones of chile spice) but the interior itself is so attractive, and i love how TGCK embraced and embellished on the 20's art deco mystique rather than revamp the whole spot. TGCK is relatively new, only been in this location from their old spot down the block on Fulton for four years. before there was some café, and even though i didn't know what that café served i always wanted to drop in to sit my that mirrored bar and enjoy a drink looking out up to the glass mosaic bordering the outside of the corner spot.

was a good meal, a good time with a bottle of Pacifico and lime over talks with my friend about Paris, sisters, boys, and suicide (but not in the dark sense, more a fascination-- okay that is weird but that's what came up in convo after the Golden Gate Bridge!)

i just know that i need to definitely have a place in San Francisco by January!

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