Saturday, November 17, 2012

the november post that's halfway too late but needed all the same

now i can drink a beer whilst writing without feeling weird.

it feels like the last years of high school again because Milan is not at home. but instead of being away in the city at college my sister will be in England for two weeks. this is pretty exciting, albeit a bit surprising that after years of being an Anglophile and swearing that with each passing year the next one will grant me my dream holiday abroad to England-- and yet in the end my sister has gotten there first!

in the meantime, i've learned that the best times you could ever have in life you don't need to record on camera or in photos. i had an exceptional birthday and a week later a great night out with friends at The Milk Bar as my first legal night out to a bar scene. more focus on the time than making sure i snapped a good shot? i'd say so, and it was a relief. if i get a picture, it's usually to remind me of the great time i had or to show others-- but really, how much more do i need to prove to myself? the one who was having the great time? living and learning, and learning that good things in life will always exist after they've passed, in the medium of your memory.

and i'm writing more nonfiction than i thought i'd be capable of. so far writing truth, factual or self-discovery, based in my own experience has proven so well in that i am definitely growing more confident in writing by each work. and to keep track of what i've been writing, here is what i'm using for all them essays:

a lovely leather owl-embossed journal just for that, for which i thank Matt.
essays so far:

"Nights at the Milk Bar"
"Sister Doll"
"Broken Chocolate like Ex Friends"

*above was the last picture Milan and I took together on the bus, with me being ridiculous and trying to be all hard with our Grandma's (rest in peace) locket of us as babies.

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