Thursday, January 31, 2013

four s's of 2013


it's going to be a busy ride, especially adding onto my time this internship. this last semester is very special and important, obviously because it's not just my last semester of the school year but my LAST ONE EVER. and thank goodness my only disertation equivalent is a full creative work at least of 30 pages!
and then there's also my goals to try and submit either a letter or By Your Side to McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. how amazing would that be? but just because i'm one of their interns it doesn't mean there's perks. i have a fair to low chance just as much as any of the writers whose works i've read and liked (or rejected :x ). but it boils down to simply that i tried.

as for my senior seminar piece, yes! The Knight and the Businessman has been revived. my biggest issue with the story? how believable are my characters, especially, does the dynamic of delusion and opposites shine between the two characters, George and Geoff?


here are some of the recent issue covers of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern; can't wait to see what i can contribute in producing the next one!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

helllooooooo.....from the intern at McSweeney's!!


because i have a working computer now (temporarily)!

it is (was) Sunday.

it's going to be a busy year now, especially this semester-- graduating in May! and suddenly i've gotten the one thing i've always wanted to experience: publishing and editing at the backbone of an actual house. a house like McSweeney's.

this is my second week and so far it's nonstop reading and just getting to know the editors, other interns, and designers. the head hauncho on the publishers, Dave Eggers, made his presence known and had a mass meet and greet with the interns! i was pretty nervous (freaking DAVE EGGERS) but it was nice to get to see him in person-- for that matter any notable/famous writer.

at the intern table; working and not working and reading and updating at work. i'm just too excited to actually be here!