Saturday, March 31, 2012

thoughts from my notepad:

alligator purse with a chain. Lace.

The clouds roll in past March.

Hanging signs on the sidewalks. HOME. The Adventures of Tintin.

Shirtless man with a hot dog in his hand, Fell Street after midnight.

REMIXES AT POPSCENE: Joy Division/ The Black Keys/ Foster the People/ Depeche Mode/ MGMT

Coffee in rain. Friends. This is too sweet. Checkers. Napkins. Voice mails in the rain. I miss you.

After the store closes, we can have our laughs, our drinks. STARBUCKS, TOO COMMERCIAL.

Saying I love you. And when?

I gave the wrong change today. But was he so nice about it all! You tell me a funny story, now I feel better.

Here's the thing. Alone. Jazz music. Dim lights. Accents, and cheap novels for a big man. The Skype sound. The sun was NOT shining, Mr. Sinatra. Fogged, thick windows. Free water. Free People. Hippie things. No longer for me. Hung that phone up. No parties tonight for me. Bike in the headlights. A thin, taupe jacket. Where is my dinner tonight? Where is my heart tonight? It is happy-- it is alone.


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