Sunday, April 1, 2012

sunday is actually my favorite day.

the rain is gone... for now.

the prettiest carnations out there, couldn't resist. so amazing that they're white etched in light pink. flowers are always a must; they just instantly brighten up your day. and your rooms.

writing writing writing. this is really a good time to write, because the sun's out and there's fresh flowers and cookies out of the oven. plus i've been watching Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, and goodness! there's just something about the Lost Generation writers. shamefully, i still have yet to read anything by Gertrude Stein

i really am enjoying this movie, especially to the concept of a time slip, especially to the American expatriate literary circle in Paris. i've always wanted to see this film, and finally when i can, i'm not alone-- it's enjoyable to watch the film with my parents and engage in opinions and awe for the scenes of Paris city life and the direction of the story. shamelessly i already wikipedia'd the ending (i'm not phased by surprises) and i look forward to it all playing out.seriously, it's all fueling my writing just about now. been in writing mode all today, and it's exactly how i want to be feeling on a Sunday.

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