Sunday, February 5, 2012

from the rubble:

found in my closet a treasure trove today: all things collectable and personal from my life in the past five years. concerts, art museums, postcards from lands i'll not see for years, flyers for the psychic off of Stockton Street-- looking at this pile was just all sorts of stories and ideas popping out at me.

things to take note of:
Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe postcard advertising their later hours and $1 beers
old BART tickets
high-res photos taken at Popscene when The Boxer Rebellion and Two Door Cinema Club performed
news article i wrote for USF's paper The Foghorn
ticket stubs for various events and museums: my Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys ones have faded
postcards postcards and MORE POSTCARDS. New York, The Louvre, Santa Barbara, Amsterdam, Wyoming

so i've decided to organize the majority of these delicate things into collages to post around my bedroom. of course, i have Sofia Coppola to thank for that, as she makes visual boards to develop the ideas for her films, such as the one below for her last film Somewhere
i must also credit fellow blogger Phyllis Smith, referencing on her blog Particular Skin her own "mood boards." just as i was getting my blog up i asked her for some cues to get out there, and it's been really helpful. thanks girl!

they really are helpful. visuals are incredibly simpler and keep more focused on WHAT it is you are looking for in your creation.

i believe i'll need to start making a few boards/collages for my stories now, and characters, etc.
in the meantime, here's one board i'll start with
ticket stubs
and post-cards from around

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