Monday, March 18, 2013

dead phone, dead computer, and old diaries: don't let them bring you down

phone has been dead due to a broken charger which i cannot buy a new one just at the moment. same with my laptop-- but that's another story, it's always been horrible since last summer :(

being cut off from the world isn't that bad though. i've come to finally embrace this Dickinson-esque way of life, being broke and having broken technology is your own personal and free retreat, away from all the things that worry and distract you (as a writer).

it's good to go back to simple things and write from scratch-- literally.  if you're lost with something, go and try just writing, writing anything, with paper and pen. i don't know, i felt more constrained trying to accomplish a first draft of a piece when typing it up instantly on a computer. you're not impressing anyone with writing in pen and paper, you're apt to mess up and that's fine, just scratch that mother out! it never fails, and you'll always end up with something good.

it's also a good way to improve handwriting over a period of time-- which sadly will never happen for me. at least my hand is better than it was in seventh grade- high school. yes, i know because i found my old diaries, funny old things! but i don't care to really discuss the contents of them without looking like Andy Samberg jizzing in his pants :P the one person to embarrass you without fail is your younger self.

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