Saturday, February 2, 2013

heart and soul and laughter

now that i've switched my senior seminar piece to my novel, it's rekindled this fire i've long forgotten for this piece. i'm a novelist, i can't forget that, and it's been so long since i've tackled anything this huge. The Muse Land was my joy, a defining moment in my committment to the written word. even though it's still a raw story that i really need to edit inside/out, it's completed all the same and a full-length novel. when i can, i really do want to have it formally published somewhere.

as for The Knight and the Businessman, it's a lighter, whimsical take on issues i have towards social class and relationships. comedy is always something i feared for having little knowledge of how to create it myself. it's a hit or miss with me, but not this year. in 2013 i want to really work on my comedy, work on this new novel. what's a good writer without having a chance at all forms of writing? especially comedy, people love a good laugh anywhere in any form.

it is Saturday. find me at this desk again and at work with a serious itch on my bent brow and in the best of slouchiest comfy sweaters. i still can't decide on music, always an issue. it's so good just to have a working computer again to catch up, though being away from one definitely had its merits.

i had time to just think, read more (and get inspired again), and just reconnect with friends and what was in front of me. it was a long winter break. more like a retreat into what needs focusing. even from music. that was weird. but even as i write, this January of transcendalist nothing helps me remember to:

think about everything

pay close attention

take my time--even with these sentences it's nice to just relax and slow down the sentences. fewer.
words. more thought.

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