Friday, December 14, 2012

the crazy things you did for finals week

under circumstances i got into the city via BART by 7 in the morning. what i saw was so motivating and blissful for the beginning of what would be a hard week:

before sunrise.

San Francisco before sunrise in the cold of December is the perfect place for getting the genius going and letting loose with the essays i would be turning in for my finals week.

it was also the first of my Blue Bottle Coffee experience, too.

i like this side of a city-- in the morning, at a natural state before it puts the game face on for the rest of the day. the true lady revealed, the secrets exposed, the troubles of the night resolved in the peak of the light coming through the thick rain clouds. 

 a write spot, a cold chill, and yes, agreeably one of the best cups of coffee all before sunrise. ♥ December!


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