Tuesday, November 27, 2012

reasons why i is happy at the moment

The Christmas Village,

which Daddy decided to set up again this Christmas season after like a five-year hiatus. gosh, it's absolutely one of my favorite things about the holidays. he'd go nuts back when i was younger just going into department and hardware stores to buy the tiny denizens of the little town that lit up and always changed each year. and each year he added a new fixture, starting with the first building of a Manhattan apartment complex to the tailor and antiques store crafted aesthetically à la English cottages. yesterday i helped Daddy set up the river running through the town. will upload pictures soon, it looks amazing. and each year we have never named our little snow village.

new winter boots,

suede ankle boots in taupe. i love taupe. taupe taupe FUCKING TAUPE. it's so neutral and basically for the past two weeks i've worn them each day. it's appropriate for the winter creeping in on the Bay and shoes really do breed happiness. except when it rains. on suede shoes. then i'm screwed.

i'm sleeping a lot.

i'm back on drinking green tea,

i seriously thought during Thanksgiving my efforts at cutting out any fizzy drinks from my diet had gone down the drain. but motivation persists!

Christmas is making itself known in San Francisco.


and going to write them all down here:

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