Sunday, August 5, 2012

a old, fond memory

i have a very special sleeping bag. it's just as old as me pretty much; my mom took me and my sister to JC Penny when we were little on an errand, to buy us sleeping bags, that is. don't know why, didn't question it. but i knew right away that while Milan chose a pink Barbie ballerina kid's sleeping bag, my heart was set on the Bananas in Pajamas one. yes. and it's still with me, vibrant in its blue and yellowness and just as fluffy and comfy as when i would use it to sleep or sit in watching movies with my family late at night.

it was also my go-to for Dr. Suess Days in elementary school-- the National Read to Succeed Day where everyone brought a blanket and pillow to read a book with. it's a genius phenomenon, getting kids to read and relax. i loved it every time, it was as if i was blocking out the stern serious tone of a classroom by bringing in the personal comforts of my home with me. i'd find the best corner of the room, usually on the square of carpet my teacher deemed the reading circle or library and just loose myself in the book of my choice, lying flat and looking up into the story.

nowadays i don't need that excuse. summertime, now especially, that's all i do. all there is to it is a bed-- a made one, of course--tons of pillows to throw myself back in, and the same sleeping bag in mint condition, always there and ready for me to ensconce in and just soak up a good book. it's a great feeling, a simple pleasure that costs nothing but wriggling around for a good position. this is an ode to those days, to reading, to just the wonders of childhood that come back to shape the present and remind that life always has its ways of just making things right in the smallest of measurements.

and i cannot forget the comforts of a reading wall, too!

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