Monday, July 30, 2012


really in love with Lana Del Rey’s music video for “National Anthem.” never have met so many British people in my life in one month. not sure how excited i’ll be for my 21st after this past weekend :l the Adrian Mole diaries. really need to work on coming in and out of blogging. i've just been a bit lazy in writing (it is summer, after all!) and of course, i have my new blog i've been in the works of getting out there too! Letters to San Francisco has been put on, like Mess, to Tumblr too, and there it is slowly but surely taking off.

with these blogs, i'm seriously feeling confident, sure of my career path and how i'd like to do things once i'm out of college. a few weeks ago, a stranger said that Letters was the most inspiring thing they've ever read. it really made a difference in my day, in that moment. i didn't get the internships i wanted or travel anywhere far or spectacular this summer, but i sure did realize what i want to pursue, and that is travel and lifestyle writing, particularly in spreading the love i have for the Bay to new faces and readers. in discovering my potential, doing what i love for a city i love, that has to be one of the most amazing summers ever. i'm simply not doing much, but in this exact spot from the place i proudly call my home in the Bay, i'm changing perspectives and shedding light, making that difference i so ardently crave.

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