Saturday, May 5, 2012

two weeks. then summer.

i really need this summer! it's going to be terrific, i know it. NOT going to London in the fall, if i didn't mentioned that already (then again you all didn't know i was planning for London then). if i did, i'd be behind on graduation, and as much as i love college, thanks to the right major i pursued, i wouldn't want to stick around longer than necessary. for consolation of missing out on London, i'm definitely looking into my own little place in San Francisco. my own place! the City! just as good as London i'd think, it's San Fran after all-- imagine the 24-7 sights and sounds i'd get from this lovely city compared to when i commute from the East Bay to classes. weekends will be exciting.

back to summer, there's three things to tackle here:

revise my novel, The Muse Land.

write my story, Break, before fall.

send in my story By Your Side to writing contests all over.

the third is where i get so pissy. i'd have sent out most of my stories for fair trial by writing contests, but there's the damn entry fees. i've always felt that's been a horrid part of the process of almost anything, particularly in contests and university applications. it makes sense to pay like mailing for sending in your work, but why should people pay others to read their work when there's also a high chance of the judges not even selecting their entry for a win? why do i have to pay to lose?

what i do to try and find little extra pocket cash is well, keep looking on Craigslist, looking in their writing gigs and writing/editing jobs sections. people think i'm picky, and they're right. i've never had a legit work experience anywhere-- retail, office, restaurant, nothing. but at least i know i'm good (as many have said, and i should believe it!) at writing. so writing jobs would do me well, even if i might not like all my options (ehem, freelance writing is NOT all as easy and fun as it might seem, i know from failing in that line of work). even so, i want to try and get experience and little cash to pay for necessary things to get my writing out there, from printing money for my books or stories to entry fees and envelopes to send in my stories for contests.

it's ridiculous, but everyone must do what they have to do. i'll have a great summer for sure, with friends being home and a fresh wardrobe to pick and choose from to go out and enjoy the lovely California weather, but then again i for one shall not loose track of anything that could get me to a higher place with my writing. you just never know-- so take those chances.

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