Sunday, May 13, 2012

life after a favorite class

for one, i do not want to give this book back.

as much as i look forward to summer i will miss my studies in fiction class, primarily for the effect it's had on my own writing. it was my first serious writing/ workshop-esque class where my work was seen, read, reviewed. it was so helpful. and with these stories-- all so quirky, quick, broad, vague, silly and horrid--i realized the potential i have in story writing and how not to waste any of it. i can do all sorts with imagination, take it back a step or bring it forward a million steps. i can't go wrong, because with fiction there's no limits. Scribner's anthology showed me this. finding out about sex with Barbie dolls and dead aunt's coming back to life to clean up your shenanigans and tiger moms and the sky falling down over a year's span and half-skinned steers stalking and and and...

there's just a mind-blowing variety of directions these authors took with their fictions. it's an incredible thing, the human mind, more so when we use it to look beyond logic, to create stories the human heart can relate to.

thank you so much, Professor Torres. it truly was the experience this authoress needed!

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