Friday, April 20, 2012

the write spot: a hospital in Walnut Creek, CA!

you'd think a hospital was the last place for writing (or in my case today) reading anything leisurely. i proved that wrong; how could you go wrong with the sun shining and clear blue skies, and a graceful simple stretch of concrete lined with young willows and plants? it was too inviting, the garden at the John Muir Center in Walnut Creek, CA. i don't have classes anymore on Fridays, as my professor is now just giving us time to research and work on our final papers for the class-- so no more San Francisco on Fridays for me!

oh well, i manage. the East Bay is just as intriguing, if not as exciting as the big City. don't worry, i'm fine! mommy was just in for some labs as suggested by her doctor, and while she was inside the hospital, i stayed out. sitting under that hot California sun and taking in its warm lovely rays, i was content to get somewhere in The Secret Garden which i have to read now for one of my classes, and appropriately enough within a garden!

nothing like outside to get the good mood rolling, and of all places the inspiration comes to you at the hospital. yes, i've been in this scene and situation before, last year early around January when my grandfather was gravely sick. i remember being in his hospital room, sitting my the window at the John Muir in North Concord, looking out to the distant Hwy 4 and the BART cars passing through in the neighborhoods close by. i wrote something on a napkin that was in that room; not even sure if i still have that with me, or what it was that i wrote. what i mean to say is that writing really does help. it helps with so much, to make happiness or to capture a sadness in order to make it go away (if that makes sense), or just to show through your burst of creativity that happiness you feel on the dot. i was surprised at myself for wanting to write during such a hard time, but i did it, and in fact, wonderful things came of it.

it's still hot out now, though i'll be going out shortly for dinner with my parents. once home again, i'll be sure to finish off my short story "By Your Side"-- i'm so eager to get it up online for you fellow readers/writers to check it out!

as for The Secret Garden...

always a great childhood read!

approve of this remarkable day.

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