Saturday, February 25, 2012

the write spot: the write time too, Hayes Valley

one of those exceptional days in which all things went right. beautiful.

class got cancelled, so four hours of nothing were spent very nicely with a bus ride out to Hayes Valley under the sun. and a spontaneous purchase (at 75 cents!) for this lovely postcard:

it's Two Angels by Giovanni Battista Cirpriani. it was nestled between other old postcards and Christmas cards in a bin marked $1 and under. but this one was captivating; i love how happy and playful the angels look in this, and the colors are so airy and soft.

also couldn't miss out on this pair of earrings for $1.50 too in a shop down ther. so 60's, perfectly to my taste!

a day in the sun and shopping is what i needed for this Friday. goodness how beautiful Patricia's Green in Hayes was, too. everyone was out for their lunch and friends sat about and dogged frolicked across the grass.

and there were mice in the bushes behind me. how adorable they were.

there sure is nothing like San Francisco. nothing, completely. all the stories i've gotten from this place, good lord. don't believe? come out and see for yourself.

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