Saturday, February 18, 2012

the write spot: Starbucks in the Fillmore

ALWAYS a favorite spot. took an easy friday out from campus (cancelled class!), taking two different buses and a walk up the block to the one spot i've always been fond of.

yeah, it's a starbucks, but it doesn't really have that mainstream laptop junkie feel (even though there were a few on their macbooks). i always feel that a cafe is old-school, and should be kept strictly to enjoying a good beverage by yourself to people watch or seek inspiration, or meet up with friends for a good hour or two chat about life, weekend plans, etc. but this starbucks has all of that, especially when in one of the prettiest and liveliest neighborhoods in San Francisco.
wish there was outdoor seating on the sidewalk, but their inside seating is so stylish and idyllic for socializing and taking in the views of the street through their big bright windows. i managed to swing a lovely window booth by the door, working on my latest story for fiction class while also using the time to create a new story into my new short stories notebook. the details of that story? will follow soon, as i'm nearly finished with it.

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