Friday, February 24, 2012

thoughts from my notepad:

The world looks different today. It is brighter, feels a cold in the air that's no unfriendliness-- this is sunshine, and the world woke having plenty of sleep, I should think.

The crackheads, the wheelchairs, the sidewalks, durags on short matted hairs belonging to people who might smell of their own piss. Veterans, vehicles, liquor stores on every corner, their shopping carts scattered on streets but careful not to die in the middle of the road. Through the windows of the bus, this is not a shield-- they do not separate me from them, but gives me an observation of an oddly scenic picture of inner-city routines.

Dragon flies. Where are the dragon flies?

ACADEMY OF SCIENCES-- I saw, fish, oceans, birds, trees. My worst fears slithered before my eyes. Warm, open, where to run first? A wonder they should have no mermaids, nor dragons, a phoenix inside. I saw the eyes of children-- they were awake, as if life had just been given to them in that moment.

To Do: Watch more Diego Luna films.

She kicked the glass slipper and donned cream combat boots, blowing that sinister kiss at the prince as she jumped with fulfillment onto the back of the motorcycle with Matt Helders.

Earl Grey, your grace, it's been too long, dear friend. How are you to this bright, soft-spoken day? Too long, I saw, and how gracious of you to have brought sugar!

11:00 P.M.

Look up! Up to the windows, in those damned alleys.

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