Wednesday, February 15, 2012

this is BART passing through West Oakland on my way to class this past Monday. downtown's up ahead and below is some truck stop; the raindrops cling to the cold window which i sat next to.

it's a beautiful sight. the rain falling down on city rooftops. and in the Bay, especially when you're on BART, you can see so much from the tracks-- Emeryville in the north, Berkeley Hills with its charming houses nestled in the trees, and Oakland's mismatched old shacks and stained buildings all leading into the modest skyline of downtown. there's such a huge stigma against Oakland for being so dangerous... yes, this is true, but in reality, OAKLAND IS HUGE. meaning that not ALL of Oakland's terrible. beautiful Lake Merrit, the Rockridge area being the flatland Berkeley, not to mention the affluent Piedmont area which could certainly pass as a greener Beverly Hills. there's so much to Oakland, and its little hidden treasures are what i like to capture for my readers. read it, enjoy it, imagine it-- but i hope to god that from my stories you're not afraid of it.

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