Wednesday, February 29, 2012

rejection, or running the stop sign

so for the past two years i've submitted my best well-edited stories to USF's literary magazine The Ignatian. being a school-published magazine, it'd only be fair to encourage all English majors no doubt to submit what they consider is their finest to the publication, and even get at least one good critical look to a work of each student. i mean, English major, writing-- that's our thing. that's what we strive for, want to do.

no, twice i've submitted is twice i've been sent an email "kindly" rejecting my works. i sent in one short story the first time; okay so maybe that was too long or weak. the second try, i send 4 pretty decent stories, and not that long either-- couldn't one at least please them enough to include in the issue and satisfy the author with the fact that his/her work isn't all crap? at least one of them. c'mon, a literary mag for a school is supposed to feel encouraging and showcasing, not exclusive and pompous.

i get it, like that's the way the publishing world goes-- but when i've been reading The Ignatian since my freshman year and i just see poetry after poetry AFTER poetry AS WELL AS THE SAME AUTHORS GETTING AT LEAST 3 DIFFERENT STORIES IN THERE-- where's a breath of fresh air? room for new materials and catchy ideas?

i don't know if i'll support them anymore. i sure didn't need them to get published anyway; i don't need their say-so or OK to publish my work and consider it good or not. i have confidence in my writing-- it's not the best but it sure's not terrible. when it's an exclusive business like this publication, no thanks. i've got Blurb, Kindle publishing. i've gone a long way with them than The Ignatian will ever get me.

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