Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy hearts day-- celebrated my way

this lovely Valentine's day started quite early for me; yesterday before midnight in fact. i stayed up hours after my family had gone to bed-- water colored Victorian Valentine's Day cards from the computer, learned in 5 minutes how to cut out string of paper hearts, found ALL the red paper i possibly could in the house, all to make a lovely impression the next morning upon waking for my parents and my sister.

ever since i was little i anticipated waking up early to find the dining room table decorated accordingly to whatever holiday it was and a surprise for me and my sister in separate Easter baskets, Valentine's Day gift bags, or mini pots of chocolate gold. last night i wanted to make a good start of the day for my family i love so dearly, and this was how i would show it, and return the favor to my parents who always tried to make the holidays seem so magical and exciting.

some of those Victorian cards i water colored. turned out pretty well, although i was nervous on the ink bleeding together with the colors. the art was so playful and romantic, not to mention innocent (by the use of children and cupids in most cards i found).

in the end, all the cards went into that Victorian courtship presentation i had for gothic literature today; and after an hour-early arrival to set up and prep, the final result was:

and the feedback was incredible. it got the class wide and awake and to my surprise engaging in discussion with my presentation. i'm relieved i chose today for a project. it couldn't have worked any better!

there's always that stigma against Valentine's Day singling out people, but you know, i look upon it as just a day of love to anyone. it's that one time to really reflect on those who've had your heart, whether it's a boyfriend or girlfriend, family member, or people who make your day on that commute to work or the waiter in the coffeeshop you chat with in the mornings. share love, pass it on, give to others your heart and show them their worth. love is appreciation and admiration. with Valentine's Day, it's surely the best time to let these things be known to those who really matter. today? i didn't receive, i made damn sure i gave my all to make others have a great day and feel loved by me. how about you?

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