Sunday, February 12, 2012

doing a presentation on courtship and love in the Victorian era.

i was nervous at first for picking so early a date in the semester to do a presentation. we're reading Jane Eyre right now, and seeing it's one of my favorite books ever, giving a presentation on it wouldn't be so bad. well, i wasn't sure on what to give a presentation on....

then i remembered what day i would be presenting on-- VALENTINE'S DAY!! to make it a lovely and inviting day for the class, the only thing i could think of talking about was love and courtship in the Victorian era. It really was a romantic period, disregarding the strict rules of courtship and marriage laws (DISAPPROVAL THERE) and taking into consideration the idea of love and some of the cute, secret customs.

i love the fact that because some things, notably public and forward affection, were considered inappropriate, couples had to develop their own "secret" language to express their true feelings to one another. for example, using fans and handkerchiefs to flirt and the specific emotions assigned to different types of flowers (Horsley).
i'm sure the class will really find these tidbits on old-fashioned love adorable or just interesting, possibly WTF. i think they're innocent, and protective-- just people looking out for themselves and making sure that they do meet that right someone no matter how much or how little they can display of their affections... if it IS the one, does it matter? something will give, it's fate.

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