Saturday, January 28, 2012

the write spot: Bernie's

defintitely had a great spot and exceptional coffee-- oversweetened with brown sugar, to my liking :)
it's located along 24th Street across from boutiques, where an old Streetlight Records used to linger, and the corner rival Starbucks. so warm in the City, had to take some layers off to enjoy my sitting, where i did some notepad observations and talked on the phone with my good friend under no pressure because the English ladies in the table next to me were equally loud. i heard the baristas' names were Julian and Ginger-- LOVE the ring of that. the window was open, and i placed my coffee cup on the rustic white window sil to get it warmed up while i looked on to the street at the dogs, children in strollers, youngsters and hipsters alike, and mostly the shopping being done across the street. it was a beautiful friday afternoon, a well-spent two hours. definitely a future write spot!

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