Wednesday, January 25, 2012

this is a writer.

coming to you from San Francisco, California. the heart of the Beats and thousands of hearts carelessly left and scattered.

20 years old. halfway through with my junior year at the University of San Francisco where i am an English writing major. of course, that entails me writing. that's my main purpose for getting By Paris Kim up and out there-- to showcase and share my writing and thoughts, my observations in the City and the little things in life that make me happy and inspire me.

you won't find my writing not really anything like Amy Tan or most Asian-American writers. I represent Gen Y, the youth and young adults of the Bay Area. most of my stories deal with a lot of young adults in transition between their innocence and the real world ahead. with them comes the observances i've made from living my whole life in  the San Francisco Bay Area. i was born and grew up in the East Bay, and all i've ever really known is the beauty and  diversity of the Bay. it's really given me much to write about-- relationships, music (MUSIC!!!) strangers, grocery shopping, road trips, nights on a billboard. yeah, those sort of things, i like to write about.

everyday matters to me. it is everyday i write about and find inspiration.

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