Sunday, September 16, 2012

this is going to be an exciting, kick-ass night!

my first live reading in MONTHS!

am i nervous? should i memorize anything? do i give a bio? i don't know the answer to any of these questions. i never feel like i'm prepared for a reading even when i have practiced in front of a mirror and rallied up an audience for the night.

i do wish i could do more. live readings, community involvement with other writers. i wish. and why can't i not do? the downsides of commuting into a big city from the suburbs. it took a toll on the day earlier, and for a moment i didn't feel excited any longer on my performance for tonight.

but i need to work around it. not let it suppress my passion. life's a bitch, so what can i do? i can tell her a damn good story in the least.

pictures (courtesy of Matt) and a followup post to come!

in the meantime check out these other literary events that go on around San Francisco:

Galeria de la Raza in the Mission
every full moon at 9

SOMArts Center in SOMA
third Tuesday of every month

Caffe Roma in North Beach
every Friday

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