Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sunny weekend among the rooftops, waves, and 21-year-olds

such is the irony of turning 21 during Easter weekend. at least it was for Christy, my dear and closest friend who i met in the City with her boyfriend Nick. and how can you expect to behave on Good Friday when it's that marker in your life to do sooo much?? we don't do drugs, we haven't killed anyone-- let us party it decent and legal with some good shots and rooftop lunches.

bless the Cheesecake Factory on top of the Macy's overlooking the big plaza of Union Square-- the heart of downtown San Francisco. this was my first time up here, and i always wanted to put it last on my list because i figured there were other exciting new restaurants to visit in the City besides Cheesecake Factory which i had back at home in the East Bay-- but seriously, this is worth the experience, even with the pigeons and seagulls creeping on the ledge of the patio wanting your food.

THEN TO BAKER BEACH. long bus ride, but the wind died down, and the sky stayed blue, and the ocean remained cold. it's always something new to this place. always something unique against this backdrop of a place that never seems to change. time out here, it feels like it doesn't exist at Baker Beach, and you can just sit and take in the sun and waves and not care about anything outside this place.

 from the City we took off, headed for the north bay and a exciting night up in Sonoma State where Christy and Nick go to school. and the best part about fleeing? sailing away on a boat across the bay. it's one of the best breath-taking things you could do out here in the Bay. from all angles, see every city and landmark under the blue skies and fog that make up this remarkable place. it's a pretty quick method of transportation too (look out for its appearance in my second novel [WHICH I HAVE REALLY REALLY BEEN SLACKING ON]).


i think it was absolutely the perfect day for Christy. she deserved it, and i'm glad she could be out here with me and Nick. it was an up and down sorts of adventure, with the dachshund dog in back leg splints on wheels at Baker Beach to the bitter old woman rudely yelling at us on the 5 muni. even that, as pissed as we all were, kind of added a spice-- it was sure unexpected. sincerely hope you had an unforgettable 21st, Christy!

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