Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Bold Italic: Alternate Universe


i really like this segment featured on The Bold Italic, a local lifestyle and culture website featuring exclusive insight to San Francisco.

here, contributor Broke-Ass Stuart discusses how he'd turn a section of Kearny Street along Columbus and Sacramento into a variety of quaint top-notch shops and restaurants for the ultimate tiny urban block. i really enjoyed his ideas, agreeing with Stuart that the perfect microhood would include at least the fundamentals of a bookstore, restaruant/cafe of some sort, and a boutqiue (or in his case a FREE store, sounds good with anyone i'm sure!)

this block could well be just an expansion of North Beach already up Columbus. but i really like the innovation in seeing the potential in the ordinary and desolate. here we see a row of abandoned storefronts that could be on the rise into a new and exciting little charm of the City. as readers know i'm very drawn to setting and environment in my works. focusing on the story in a loose bildungsroman way really puts you in the mindset of the characters and what they're dealing with. if something was to come out of this imagined "Kearny Gulch," i'd find no problem in finding a story out here!

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