Tuesday, April 17, 2012

because Kasabian rocks like no other.

yes. i saw Kasabian, in the flesh, in America.


other than that they're brilliant live, and the energy of the crowd is overwhelming, exciting.
concerts are just time well spent, if that's an understatement. especially when you're seeing a band you're passionate about, you get this incredible feeling that it's not just the music or the band (well yeah, the band of course!) but the concert and the universe just within that venue-- you're seeing your ultimate superheroes of the heart and soul (isn't that what music stimulates?) right there, in their awesome and physical being feet away giving you songs that mean everything, make you feel everything run through your body and come alive.

Kasabian was just one of those bands where i see live, and then i'm done. but i'm not. there's just one more band i care to see in person. when i see them, then my list of ultimate bands for me will have come to an end:

Arctic Monkeys
Franz Ferdinand
The Airborne Toxic Event
Green Day

i love concerts, the feeling, the spirit of the audience and the way music moves the place-- but it is a special moment in my life i reserve for only the highest inspirational acts. there wasn't a time where one of those bands above didn't come to mind or aid me in writing, from the BART rides to walking the streets of the City and just jamming, dancing alone to my own accord when no one is around to see such a sight. so i still can't believe last night. i saw them. i saw one of the most epic and popular bands out of Britain and on one of their rarest tours, with every song so spectacular and mind-blowing in its own way. the music of this band is all over-- psychadelic, experimental, progressive, alt, it just sounds good to me. every song.

 it's worth every headache, sore feet, and shot-up hearing. a concert is that moment where you yes, you give a shit and you live life, because life right there is just on stage before your eyes and outside that arena is put off. i move on today, got two papers to write and notes to get my classmates,
but then and there was a story waiting to happen.

and Kasabian fans are nuts. one Vlad the Impaler in the audience and many MANY Irishmen. drunk Irishmen. moshing Irishmen. and then there was us, Grace and I. put into that, good grief. loved every minute. worth the night. every time.

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