Wednesday, February 22, 2012

wednesdays off: Will and Grace, the Drums, and 75 degrees

getting up early puts a smile on my face; the day's started so early and you get so much time in return to just be productive or relax OR do both!

it's gorgeous today in the East Bay, warm and blue with the windows opened.

makes me miss summer; listening to the Drums i've realized puts me back in that mindset for the beach and Santa Cruz.

 also spent the morning with Will and Grace. gosh, i miss that show. even though i was too young to watch it (middle school) it still made me laugh and i have many memories with that show. it was one of the things that shaped me into the person i sure am today.

feeling a new story coming on! hit me yesterday. for some reason caught a burst of want and inspiration yesterday. an amazing feeling, and it continues today.

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