Monday, February 20, 2012

thoughts from my notepad:

It's always coffee or tea... why not COFFEE AND TEA??

You: What are you studying?
Me: I'm an English major at the University of San Francisco.
You: Oh, you want to be a teacher?
Me: No, I want to get into publishing and become a writer.
You: What do you write?
Me: (I'm always temped to reply, "I really don't know!")

Dirty minds, dirty dishes. The pretentious sounds of Marley & The Smiths, throwing empty wine glasses at the paper lanterns to make a firework finale to our Thursday night in.

Asian man. Harry Potter glasses!!

Cars on the freeway are traveling like the asteroid belt but with stars00 as if they suppose to be racing in the dark against this old train. They pass us.

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