Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Notebook or Typing?

i love how wild and free the pen feels against the smooth surface of the paper. with someone like me, thinking faster than i write, i have one of the ugliest handwritings ever produced (people tell me i should have been a doctor). the idea is instant, and the pen and paper— mostly napkins in my case when i don’t bring my writing notebook along— is almost on demand and readily available, compared to a computer. it’s much MUCH more nostalgic too.
at least the computer killed the middle man: the typewriter. i love typewriters, but you couldn’t really fix errors when you made one. the keys were oddly spaced as well. with computers, that’s their beauty: the keyboards. typing is like gracefully gliding through a piano waltz. i love watching my fingers tickle at the keys without much effort. just print, and there’s your writing on hard copy.
lesser of two goods, i’d say.

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